Sinaloa, a paradise for sport fishing, Mazatlan will host 4 world-class events


For this year, Mazatlán will have four world-class events in different categories

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Sinaloa is a paradise for sport fishing due to the variety in species and that all categories of shore, estuary, and bottom can be carried out, highlighted Juan Manuel Moreno Padilla.

The director of state sport fishing explained that for this year there are four international tournaments scheduled in Mazatlan in their different modalities, which will bring an important economic benefit to the entity.

He explained that the events will take place on four consecutive weekends from February 20 to March 14, two of them in Marina Mazatlán, one for high sea fishing, another for bottom fishing, another in the Picachos Dam, and one more. shore fishing on the Escopama beach.

“Well, these are endorsed by the State Association of Sport Fishing as well and the Mexican Federation of Sport Fishing. I even presume to you that this year two teams from Sinaloa are going to two World Cups representing Mexico, one World Cup is in Portugal for shore fishing there are two from Sinaloa and the other is for high sea fishing in South Africa and four are from Sinaloa ”, he said.


Moreno Padilla commented that the event is open to local, state, national, and international participants since Sinaloa has great potential to develop different types of sport fishing.


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