Students march to defend the San Cristóbal de las Casas wetlands


The Miradas Verdes Committee held a march against the destruction of mountain wetlands in the state high school, demanding that their voice be taken into account and opting for construction alternatives.

This January 5, 2020, the Student Committee for Environmental Action “Miradas Verdes” marched and raised their voice against the destruction of ecosystems, flora, and fauna species in San Cristóbal de las Casas, as well as life itself of the inhabitants heading who are heading towards their own destruction.

The Student Committee mentioned that educational authorities should lead by example. However, they added that they are doing the opposite because inside the classroom they teach them to care for and protect the environment, but outside they show the opposite, such is the case of the destruction of the María Eugenia Mountain Wetlands, which under the motto of “It is for a common good” they want to continue building where it is no longer due.

We as young students are not against education, as long as it is innovative, respectful of life, participatory, of the people and for the people. We do not want a pseudo education where our voice is excluded and taken as a small thing, as is currently being done, where not even the teachers have a full idea of ​​what is happening. This cannot be called education, said Miradas Verdes.

The committee opposed construction on wetlands, whether of the state high school, any other educational institution, or invasion.

Therefore, they want construction alternatives and that their voice is taken into account for the processes, they will not stop until there is a stop to ecocide.

We are organized and we will continue to act. We make it clear that we are not only a few in disagreeable, we are the conscious students who say Enough is enough! The Student Committee concluded.

It is worth mentioning that, on December 15, 2020, representatives of colonies in the south, north, and east of San Cristóbal de Las Casas symbolically closed the construction that was being developed on the way to the FsTse 2001 in the vicinity of the Civil Protection offices and the Municipal Ecology Directorate, because the polygon is declared a Ramsar site.

In this action, Joshua Saucedo, representative of Miradas Verdes mentioned that young people have the responsibility to help, organize, and act in the present in the defense of water and mother earth.

We must raise awareness, if we have already been taught something we must put it into practice, at school they teach us, but we never put it into practice, it always remains in theory, but today is the time when we fight, organize and let us join organizations and collectives because nobody will come to organize us, as young people we take responsibilities, professors must raise the flag of the organization so that students follow the example, said Saucedo.

In addition, representatives of neighborhoods, colonies, and subdivisions of the southern area, made a citizen complaint on September 5, 2020, about constructions within the María Eugenia mountain wetlands.

They announced that, on September 6, more than 20 people entered the wetland property Bienestar Social. However, the next day, work continued at the Navajuelos spring.

Finally, Alma Rosa Rojas Zamora of the Citizen Council for Water and Territory in the Jovel Valley, said that since the end of August of that year, they were notified of the construction of houses within a new area of ​​the polygon of wetlands Maria Eugenia.


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