Tamaulipas border crossing into the U.S. over 4 kilometers long


Tamaulipas.- The return of thousands of Mexican migrants saturated the federal highways that converge on the Tamaulipas border this Saturday and Sunday, reported elements of the National Guard

The military checkpoint “La Coma” or “Ribereño” located at kilometer 134 + 300 of the Victoria-Matamoros federal highway, was congested during the weekend of civilians returning to the United States of America.

At this highway point, the columns of motive force units that were moving from south to north along the federal communication route exceeded 4 kilometers.

The thousands of countrymen returned from various locations in the Mexican Republic to the United States of America, after enjoying the holidays with their families.

To avoid car accidents, elements of the National Guard reinforced surveillance actions on the roads, recommending that motorists respect the speed limits, the distance between units, as well as all the signs posted on the federal highway boundaries.

Source: elmanana.com

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