2021 starts with a red balance; 10 people die in tragic events in Sinaloa


Three women died in a fire, four men were killed in different events and three more died in road accidents

Sinaloa.- The beginning of 2021 begins in red in Sinaloa with the death of 10 people in different events that occurred in various municipalities of the entity.

The event that most moved the residents of Sinaloa was the fire in four houses that occurred in Topolobampo, Ahome, in the early morning of the first day of the year, where three women, including one under 12 years old, lost their lives.

According to the authorities’ reports, the victims were identified with the names of Iris Elisa, Iris Margot, and Daniela Margot, grandmother, mother, and daughter, respectively. A man was injured.

The origin of the accident would have been a candle that was left on, said the person who was injured.

In the receivership of Villa Adolfo López MateosCuliacán, an unidentified man was shot to death in front of the UAS high school in that community, becoming the first intentional homicide of the year.

In the morning hours, the first fatal accident of the year was registered in the municipality of Culiacán, when two vehicles collided head-on on the Culiacán-Sanalona highway, near the town of El Carrizalejo.

In this mishap, a young man named Carlos Daniel, from the Revolución de Culiacán neighborhood, died. Three more people were injured.

Head-on collision leaves one person dead and three injured on Culiacán-Sanalona
Head-on collision leaves one person dead and three injured on Culiacán-Sanalona

In Guasave, a day laborer from Ahome was killed with a knife during a fight that took place on Friday morning in some galleys located in the Rojo Gómez ejido.

The victim, identified as Luis N, 50, suffered injuries to his neck that cost him his life.

Add another to the account! They find an Ahomense beheaded in Guasave

The third homicide of the incipient year occurred in the El Mirador neighborhood of Culiacán, where a young man identified as Jaime Enrique, 20, was shot to death minutes before 2:00 in the afternoon.

Gunshot murdered man north of Culiacán (Geovanny Elizalde)
Gunshot murdered man north of Culiacán (Geovanny Elizalde)

The violent day extended to the municipality of Badiraguato, where a man was shot to death in the municipal seat, remaining lifeless in a home that is located behind the back of the Faculty of Agronomy of the UAS.

The victim was identified as Valentín N, 50, who was attacked by armed men who came to look for him at his home and shot him when he tried to flee.

A man is killed in Badiraguato.  (Geovanny Elizalde)
A man is killed in Badiraguato. (Geovanny Elizalde)

The ninth death on the first day of 2021 was in a road accident that occurred in Navolato when a motorcyclist was struck while driving on the road that connects from La Palma to Campo Santa Cecilia.

The deceased is Roberto N, 63, who lived in Campo Berlin and was a watchman.

At the time of the events, the victim was riding on a red motorcycle.  (Geovanny Elizalde)
At the time of the events, the victim was riding on a red motorcycle. (Geovanny Elizalde)

A similar accident that occurred on the streets of the 10 de Mayo neighborhood, in Culiacán, claimed the life of a man named Marco Antonio, who died in a hospital to which he was transferred after being hit by a hit-and-run vehicle.

The mishap occurred on Friday night at the intersection of 21 de Marzo streets and Mexico 68 avenue, being the tenth death of the day.

Source: lineadirectaportal.com

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