Austrian citizen disappears in Tijuana; his car is found in Sonora


The Austrian citizen Florian Kafka was reported missing since December 10 in Tijuana, Baja California; the car he rented was found in a town in Sonora more than 5 hours away.

An Austrian citizen disappears in Tijuana;  his car is found in Sonora

There has been no trace of the 37-year-old Rapid fan from Vienna for around two weeks.

Florian Kafka (37) from Vienna wanted to escape the lockdown in Austria and instead enjoy the warm temperatures in Mexico – but there has been no sign of life from him for about two weeks. The police are now feverishly looking for clues. 

The doctor’s 1.80-tall son was last seen in Baja California. When Kafka did not contact his family and friends as usual and inquired about the results of his favorite football team – and did not respond to any other news either – his father alerted the police.

The vehicle was later found in the small town of Benjamin Hill – but the car was empty. At this point in time, local security authorities cannot rule out that the Viennese had been kidnapped by drug cartels. Sonora is considered one of the drug strongholds in Mexico. 

The young man rented a car, which was found alone, without Florian’s belongings, in what was one of the emblematic cities of the railroad section to the center of the country when the passenger train was operating. Today, this town is in neglect and has a large presence of organized crime, like its neighboring city of Caborca ​​where various cartels dispute the territory.

According to the Facebook page of Grecia Pérez Martínez, which is the link of various civil society organizations in search of missing persons, the Austrian Kafka had his last contact with his family on December 10 and was in the city of Tijuana .

“From that moment we don’t know anything. His phone is disconnected and the car he rented appeared abandoned and without his belongings in Benjamín Hill, Sonora, ”the Facebook page reads.

Reportan desaparición en Sonora de Florian Kafka, turista austríaco; solo  encontraron su automóvil - mexico

The 37-year-old man is 1.80 meters tall, slim with green eyes. As a particular sign, he has a tattoo on the left side of his chest of the Rapid Wien soccer team from his country, Austria.

“Don Corroncho, I know you are alive … I feel you. Please stay strong, (just as you are), and receive the love we send for you. See you soon! ”, Says the call for help to locate him and then add 911 to contact those who have information, and a series of tags: #mexico #sonora #bajacalifornia #ensenada #toluca #austria #vienna #viena #wien #Mexico #mexico #Mexiko #Hermosillo #Tijuana #hermosillo #BenjaminHill #Desaparecido #disappeared #FlorianKafka #Floriancomehome #austriacoenmexico #HastaEncontrarlos #until found #border #SearchAlert #amberalert #AlertalertaAmber #PuertoPoloCoronaletera #PuertoPoloRipeteraFountain #PuertoPoloRipeteraLexperience #Caborca ​​#Sonora

On the Grecia Pérez Martínez page, you can read alerts about missing people, including young people, nurses, girls, newlyweds, and an endless list of people who have not been able to be located this year.


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