192 roads will be built in Oaxaca promises AMLO


During the six years term of the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, 192 hydraulic concrete accesses will be built for the same number of municipalities in marginalization conditions in the regions in Oaxaca, through the paving program of Roads to Municipal Headwaters of the Secretariat of Communications and Transport (SCT).

This will translate into well-being for indigenous peoples and communities that present medium, high, and very high marginalization.

According to the SCT, between 2019 and 2024 through the 192 roads to municipal capitals, more than 2,670 kilometers will have been built, with an investment of more than 10,460 million pesos.

Only in 2019 and 2020, 80,000 jobs were generated in the construction of these roads, with local labor, and despite the pandemic in many communities, the paving has not stopped.

“From its origin, the proposal to improve the roads was conceived from community work, mutual aid, and solidarity of the population, with the aim of participating all together in those tasks that benefit their community”.

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“If these principles are appreciated anywhere in the country, it is in Oaxaca, where the ancestral tradition of tequio has made it possible to unite the participation of indigenous communities in solving their collective problems,” said Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal, State Secretary of Communications and Transport.

Today, 58 roads have been paved in Oaxaca with access to head municipalities, and one in the state of Guerrero.

The federal government allocates the resources through “subsidy agreements”, and the SCT provides technical and administrative training, as well as permanent advisory.

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“The main premise that we consider is that organized people are people that know how to solve their needs. Therefore, from the beginning, the autonomy and decisions of the population and the authorities were respected.

“Then it was visualized to transfer resources to the communities to undertake the projects, counting on the technical advice of the personnel of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, within the framework of an orderly self-organization in each town,” added the head of the state SCT.

In Oaxaca, this year 33 roads were completed, which added to the 25 last year, to a total of 58.

With the 59 accesses completed, more than 921.7 kilometers, and an investment of more than 3,864.8 million pesos, more than 100,000 inhabitants of communities that had never had a paved road in their towns were benefited.

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By 2021, the plan contemplates adding 33 roads in Oaxaca; in 2022, 39; in 2023, 13; and concluding 2024 with 49, to add 192 paved roads to municipal capitals throughout this administration.

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