Shrimp ‘Mayacaste’ proliferates in rural communities in southern Quintana Roo


This river shrimp arrived in the runoffs recorded by the rains and storms of recent months.

A species of freshwater shrimp called Mayacaste began to proliferate in tributaries of rivers and streams of different rural communities in southern Quintana Roo, which were swept away by the runoffs registered in recent months as a result of constant storms.

It is a river shrimp, which although its presence is not strange in rivers in southern Quintana Roo, this year it began to abound as a result of runoff and overflows from various rivers.

In the community of Payo Obispo, inhabitants began to capture large quantities of this mollusk, which is becoming a source of food this year-end.
According to the inhabitants of Payo Obispo, for at least 10 years no such quantity of mollusk has been seen in the rivers, so they are seeking to capture it and make the best use of it.


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