It will snow in Durango on Wednesday; in Mazatlán the temperature will drop to nine degrees


Durango.- When there is snow in the state, southern Sinaloa suffers from low temperatures and Mazatlán practically freezes.

Well, that is what could happen on Wednesday with the Fourth Winter Storm that will cause snowfall in the neighboring state.

The increase in the icy wave, which according to the forecast will be in large part of the entity where the climate change will be felt.

This Monday the minimum temperatures with a low probability of frost will be between 1.0 and 3.0 degrees Celsius, especially in the capital. In Mazatlán the thermometer will drop to nine degrees.

On Tuesday the cold will increase and according to the National Water Commission, on Wednesday snow could fall in several areas.

But on Thursday to say goodbye to the year and receive 2021 there was an extreme climate with about minus fifteen degrees Celsius and at least minus five.


The Durango Post