Sonora’s public and private hospitals saturated by Covid-19 patients


Both public and private hospitals in Sonora are at imminent risk of saturation if the population does not comply with sanitary measures against the contagion of Covid-19, since the units start running out of beds available, said Enrique Clausen Iberri.

The Secretary of Health of Sonora reported that until Monday, December 21, the private units of the Sonoran capital are already saturated, the public ones at maximum risk and the Isssteson is at 100% of its capacity.

“We make an urgent and very energetic call to the responsibility of the population to protect themselves from the virus today more than ever, take shelter in their homes to prevent the further spread of this dangerous disease,” stressed the state official.

He pointed out that Hermosillo is at 77 percent of general hospital occupancy in Covid spaces, an extremely worrying figure since the spaces of the Ministry of Health is at 82 percent, Issste at 77 percent, IMSS at 71 percent, and Isssteson 100 percent.

Clausen Iberri asked the population to take extreme precautions since this Monday long lines appeared in public and private laboratories in the capital of people suspected of Covid-19 requesting tests.

It should not be forgotten, he stressed, that Hermosillo has been at maximum risk for Covid-19 for two weeks on the Sonora Anticipa Map, where all non-essential activities must be suspended at 8:00 at night, as a way to control the mobility of the population.

He explained that the terraces of restaurants and outdoor places can receive people with only 25 percent of their capacity and carrying out all sanitary measures, while in restaurants and closed places the allowed capacity is only 30 percent.

“This is not the time to celebrate, it is not a time to visit or circulate in shops with crowds, it is an urgent call to the population to respect social distancing,” he emphasized.

At the last cut, he commented, the Ministry of Health in the entity confirmed 10 more deaths and 227 new cases from Covid-19, to accumulate 48,320 cases and 3,738 deaths from the disease in Sonora.


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