The 300-year-old tradition, mystical Fiesta de las Velas in Cosalá Sinaloa


Some years ago, Cosalá became the first Magical Town in the state, a distinction awarded for the conservation of its customs and traditions, which have been taught and adopted from generation to generation until today. One of them is the ” Fiesta de las Velas ” a celebration that has been held on the eve of the Virgin of Guadalupe for 300 years.

For one day a year the streets of Cosalá are illuminated with the light of hundreds of candles and an atmosphere of mysticism and magic surrounds the place, it is the Fiesta de las Velas , one of the most emblematic religious celebrations in Sinaloa and an incomparable experience.

On the night of December 11 at 7:00 p.m. all streets, squares, and houses of the town are illuminated with the light of candles, which trace the path that the dozens of parishioners and visitors who join to participate in the pilgrimage in celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

From the Guadalupe Chapel, the procession advances through the streets with candles in hand, accompanied by music and dances such as the miners’ dance and the jaguar’s roaring dance.

After the pilgrimage is over, the attendees gather around the chapel to join in the great celebration. Between happy music and exquisite typical dishes of the region such as the traditional tamales, empanadas and milk sweets.

During this event, visitors enjoy a unique experience that you can be part of, since the invitation is open to the public. Attend Cosalá next December 11, do not forget to bring your candle and live this magical tradition in the company of family and friends, so you support our customs and traditions to be preserved  


The Mazatlan Post