Real estate sales increase 10% in Mazatlan


During the pandemic, most beach destinations have benefited from property purchases by foreigners

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Although the pandemic has caused severe effects in the different sectors of Mazatlán, in the case of real estate companies the opposite happened, since sales have increased by 10%, assured Cristina Velarde Tirado.

The national counselor of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), admitted that the market contracted a bit in the months of April and May, but the sale of properties is in process.

Cristina Velarde Tirado

“We all know that this situation delayed or made the markets stop a little, here the interesting thing is that the works continue to take place in Mazatlán and the most important thing is that people continue to come to the destination. We as a real estate company were really working all the time and sales increased 10% during the pandemic, ”she said.

Velarde Tirado pointed out that the support that the federal government gave to the housing program was a key factor in getting more people to start looking for properties.

“Something that helped a lot is that the federal government bet a lot on the housing program, Fovissste had projected at least 20 thousand loans a year and doubled the amount; Right now we can experience that there are a large number of people with authorized loans looking for housing, “ she said.

The real estate agent stressed that, as in Mazatlan, other tourist beach ports in the country also benefited from sales mainly to foreigners, many of them pre-sales are made before the tower is finished.

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