Lessons that 2020 left for the Mexican real estate sector


2020 has been a year full of challenges, in which ingenuity and use of technology had to be applied like never before. From the confinement by Covid-19, for many companies it was necessary to innovate their processes, work habits, and even business models; in this sense, the real estate sector was no exception. For this reason, the real estate search portal Inmuebles24, shares some of the experiences of its allies that serve as key points to emerge stronger this year. 

1. Take care of money, resilience and opening to new markets

“Alignment of objectives, reduction of expenses, payment of liabilities, customer loyalty and being attentive to their needs, were the strategies that allowed Linden Inmobiliaria (from Puebla) to overcome this period,” said José Luis Linden, Commercial Director of the company

For his part, Luis Mirabent from Berkshire Hathaway Homer Services Cancun Properties, highlighted the importance of maintaining quality service, and above all, opening up to new markets.

While in the experience of Giovanni Specia from Alfa Inmobiliaria, the key was in the capacity for reinvention, flexibility, and resilience, as well as in exploring and defining the new panorama of opportunities in society.

“We are convinced that resilience is linked to the ability to open up to the novelties that the market offers. In the case of the real estate sector, as in most sectors, digitization became a crucial factor to maintain contact with clients and innovate in the way properties are presented (photos, videos, 360, etc.) ”, says Alejandro García del Río, Marketing Director of Inmuebles24.

2. Take care of security measures

During this year, the Premium Sector remained active and with constant investments, but in order to preserve that advantage, Kevin Frank Carpenter of Carpenter Group / Premium Real Estate (Cancun), pointed out that the first thing was to implement all the necessary measures to protect its team of collaborators and clients since in this way they could continue to meet the demand that the premium sector never ceased to have in their region.

Alba Bernal de Carpenter, from the same real estate group, mentioned that “definitely a market that took advantage of the situation was that of customers who wanted to rent a place instead of buying in the face of uncertainty; there was also a sales opportunity with clients looking to invest in properties at prices with attractive investment returns ”. 

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3. Advance and venture into technology

Technological and digital tools were essential for many companies and showed good results, such is the case of Homie.mx and Aventi Real Estate. Carlos Arias, Head of Public Relations and Communication at Homie, commented that this “was essential to not lose our way and continue to operate normally.” Likewise, Daniel Lehman, Director of Aventi, emphasized digitization for greater speed and efficiency in service.

4. Bet on advertising, preserve and adapt strategies regardless of the work involved

Raquel Morales, an independent Real Estate agent, commented that betting on advertising was one of the keys to overcoming the crisis. Similarly, Enrique Domínguez from Casa Azu Innovación Inmobiliaria (CDMX) highlighted that he invested, planned, and was persistent in his strategy to get ahead. Meanwhile, Rafael De la Tijera Valenzuela, an independent agent from the State of Mexico, redoubled efforts and intensified his work hours to stay afloat.

Source: inmobiliare.com

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