Chilangos “escape” to Acapulco despite covid rebound


As of December 19, CDMX and Edomex return to the red traffic light due to the increase in cases and hospitalizations due to Covid

The holidays have arrived and the pandemic welcomes them with an increase in infections and hospitalizations, especially in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, which yesterday returned to a red light.

However, this does not seem to be a sufficient reason for some Chilangos, because instead of staying at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, they decided to pack their bags and “escape” directly to Acapulco.

Even the arrival of commercial and private flights grew more than 100 percent at the Juan Álvarez de Acapulco international airport.

According to sources from the air terminal of this port, until about 15 days ago, flight landings were between two to five due to the pandemic, currently around nine commercial flights and four private ones arrive.

It is expected that with the start of the holiday period, companies will increase flights to this tourist destination.

It is for this reason that the Guerrero Ministry of Health warned that tourists from the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico represent a high risk of contagion for the inhabitants of that state, calling for protection and avoiding direct contact with visitors.

“The fact that tourists come at this time of Christmas and New Year was already planned, but now that Mexico City and the State of Mexico are turning red, it is worrying because they are the main visitors, and there is a high contagion area, that is why we insist on preventive measures ”, said the Secretary of Health, Carlos de la Peña Pintos.

He also recommended that the people of Guerrero reinforce the use of face masks, healthy distance, constant hand washing, avoid closed places, especially if there are visitors from Mexico City and Edomex, since, he pointed out, most do not follow these measurements.

“Those who are most at risk as tourism service providers, and people who may have contact with our tourists, so we will continue to insist on all preventive measures to avoid more infections,” he explained.

Ignoran la sana distancia; Acapulco y Puerto Vallarta, con reservaciones 'a  tope' para Navidad

The official stressed that the arrival of tourists in the coming weeks cannot be avoided, but more infections will occur if the population complies with the recommendations in all places such as hotels, restaurants and beaches.

The Tourism Secretariat pointed out that in December, more than 80 percent of the tourists that arrive at the various destinations in Guerrero come from Mexico City, Puebla, Morelos, Querétaro, the State of Mexico and Michoacán, entities that are at risk. due to the increase in infections.

Starting today, Saturday, December 19, and until January 10, 2021, the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico (ZMVM) returns to the red color of the epidemiological traffic light, since the calls to stay at home and the restrictive measures imposed by the authorities in recent weeks did not give the expected results to contain the growing wave of infections and hospitalizations that keeps the health system on high alert.

López-Gatell recalled this Friday at a press conference that the ZMVM concentrates almost 25 percent of the national population, a little more than 23 million people, but it is also the economic and social zone with the greatest mobility from other states, particularly, the neighboring states of the megalopolis.

For her part, Claudia Sheinbaum, head of Government of Mexico City, reported that the occupancy in Covid-19 hospitals in the capital is 75 percent, but announced that the number of beds for the care of patients with this disease and stressed that the important thing is the prevention of infections.

Until the last official record, Mexico added 117 thousand 249 deaths and one million 301 thousand infections from coronavirus.

In Acapulco they promote anti-Covid measures among tourists

acapulco covid brigades

The awareness brigades will tour the Costera Miguel Alemán and the beaches during the holidays

The port of Acapulco became a point of attraction for tourists to spend the end of the year holidays and City Hall authorities are concerned about the avalanche of visitors arriving, mainly from Mexico City, where they returned to the red light due to the high Covid-19 infections.

In order to promote health prevention measures this holiday season, staff from the Municipal Tourism and Health Secretariat began a campaign at the La Venta toll booth, on the Autopista del Sol to promote the use of of the mask, of antibacterial gel and the healthy distance.

However, when arriving at the beaches of this tourist destination, most of the visitors entered in a group and without wearing the mask, nor did they maintain a healthy distance.

It should be noted that some tourism service providers did not comply with health regulations and maintained constant contact with visitors without realizing that they were exposed to the pathogen.

turistas en acapulco

The resident of the port, Emiliano Chávez, warned that, despite the high number of infections, there are restaurants and bars that already offer packages for New Year’s dinner and at no time do they take into account complying with sanitary protocols.


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