Home for the elderly in Guasave, Sinaloa needs your help


Winter clothing for nine men and four women is required.

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Currently the ‘Graciela Sandoval de Mena’ Home for the Elderly houses 13 senior citizens who for various reasons ended up being tenants of the place where workers and volunteers seek to provide them with a dignified and happy old age.

The nursing home basically depends on donations and this time, winter clothes are being needed for the “abuelitos”, as well as items such as diapers and laundry soap.

Karla Denisse Sotomayor Sánchez, in charge of the Guasave Home for the Elderly, reported that there are 13 senior citizens who are currently living in this home, 9 men and 4 women. She added that currently, what is most needed for them is cold season clothing.

She explained that they do have clothes, however, due to use it has been worn out and year after year garments in better condition are required that really keep them warm during the winter season, and especially in the middle of the pandemic.

Sotomayor Sánchez explained that most of the grandparents wear a size from medium to large and three of the grandmothers are small and one of them wears a size large.

Sotomayor Sánchez said that with donations from the mayor and from DIF include plenty of food, but acknowledged that items like diapers and soap to wash clothes are needed.

Regarding the Christmas celebration, the person in charge of the Home for the Elderly pointed out that donations of dinners are usually not lacking for those dates.

Sotomayor Sánchez pointed out that in general, what the grandparents ask for the most at this time are desserts.

“They always ask “what’s for dessert?”… right now it is all about pampering them and give them a good quality of life, although of course they are being monitored for blood sugar and other conditions,” she added.

Sotomayor Sánchez declared that they will have a simple celebration for Christmas, to make them as happy as possible during these difficult times.

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