Mazatlan with the highest cases of dengue in Sinaloa


Report of cases decreases in the last month of the year: 38 confirmed and 135 probable per week

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- So far this year, the highest peak of dengue cases in Sinaloa was the month of November with 267 confirmed and 1 thousand 3 probable, this after an upward trend since August that reported 20 diagnosed patients, September followed with 57 and October with 193, but as temperatures dropped in December, the incidence dropped to just 38 confirmed and 135 probable cases per week.

The municipalities with the most cases and incidence of dengue in the year were Escuinapa with 211 confirmed patients; Rosario with 86, Cosalá with 13 and Mazatlán with 239. In the entire state of Sinaloa, there are 688 positive cases and 2,965 probable cases, of which 425 are non-serious, 221 with warning signs, and 22 serious.

dengue in sinaloa

It should be noted that of the total, 234 cases were diagnosed with serotype 2 and 44 with serotype 1; These two serotypes combined in the same area increased the risks of a possible outbreak, as happened in Escuinapa and Mazatlán, in recent months.

In the first of the municipalities, there were 172 non-serious cases reported and 39 with warning signs and severe dengue, with an incidence rate of 281.3 and 63.8, respectively, the highest in the state, while in the port, 94 non-serious cases were registered. serious and 145 with warning signs and serious, with rates of 18.8 and 29.0, in that order.

Although Rosario and Cosalá presented fewer cases than other municipalities in Sinaloa, they appear in the second and third places in the table due to the incidence rate that results per 100,000 inhabitants.

Rosario, which remains on red alert, adds 67 non-serious cases and 19 with warning signs and severe dengue, with rates of 124.5 and 35.31; and Cosalá reported 13 cases of non-severe dengue, with a rate of 75.39.

At the end of December 7, according to the Epidemiological Panorama of Dengue of the Ministry of Health, Sinaloa already exceeded in confirmed cases of dengue the last outbreak of this disease that was registered in the entity in 2016, which accumulated 616 cases, against 688 that add up to week 49 of the current year.


  • 688 confirmed cases
  • 2,965 probable cases
  • 425 patients with non-severe dengue
  • 221 patients with warning signs
  • 22 severe cases

SOURCE: Epidemiological Panorama of Dengue, week 49, cut to December 7.


  • Escuinapa: 211 cases
  • Rosario: 86 cases
  • Cosalá: 13 cases
  • Mazatlán: 239 cases
  • REST: 119 cases
  • TOTAL: 688 cases
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