Grand Princess cruise ship docks in Puerto Vallarta


The Grand Princess cruise ship arrived without tourist passengers on board and only 129 crew members travel for its operation and operation

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

At 6:00 in the morning of this Thursday, the Grand Princess cruise ship arrived in Puerto Vallarta, which will be docked at Pier 3, with no tourist passengers on board and only 129 crew members travel for its operation and operation.

Coming from the Port of Balboa Panama, it will remain docked for the next seven days and the main port services will be provided. The cruise ship is scheduled to sail on December 17 to the Port of Los Angeles, California, said Carlos Gerard Guzmán, the port’s consignee agent.

For its part, the Integral Port Administration reported that upon arrival there was the presence of authorities such as International Health, Migration, Customs and SENASICA, with whom the “Free Talk” was held, verifying, among other things, the health of the crew, for which the corresponding certificates and authorizations were issued to guarantee the safety of the ship and the maritime-port community.

It should be remembered that Api Vallarta works as the primary link to receive the cruise, offering the essential services that are relevant to the attention of international maritime transport.


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