New Marina approved for Mazatlan’s Isla de la Piedra


Semarnat already has the Environmental Impact Statement, and is in the process of evaluation

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- According to the transparency portal of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), there are plans to build a floating dock on Isla de la Piedra.

The Environmental Impact Statement and the Executive Summary of the project that was delivered to Semarnat.

“Stone Island has become in the last 10 years in the recreational tourist center of the southern part of the State,” the document reads.

The project is called “Construction of a Cooperative on the Isla de la Piedra”, which will have a construction duration of one year in its first two stages, and a life of 30 years in operation.

The estimated investment for this project is 38 million pesos, offering storage and storage services for both boats and fish, fish supplies, and fuel supply.

Who is the promoter of this project is unknown.

Isla de la Piedra Floating Cooperative

The first of these stages corresponds to the preparation of the site; the second to the construction of the cooperative and the third to the operation and maintenance of the same, they must also request a special permit issued by the Harbor Master’s Office, due to the fact that it is a maritime transit zone.

The cooperative will have a 3 meter wide by 120-meter long walkway to connect to Isla de la Piedra. The walker material will be treated wood, in addition to the fact that the area where the cooperative is to be built has an area of ​​4,860 square meters and will have the following specifications:

  1. Freezing area, warehouse, and conservation area
  2. Process area
  3. Product reception room and office for sale to the public
  4. Bathrooms and 6 offices, warehouse, main office, and multipurpose room
  5. Workshop and guardhouse

Regarding the environmental risk assessment, the studies carried out indicate that for the construction of the cooperative, it will not be necessary to remove any mangrove specimen, the area that the cooperative will occupy is not a breeding, refuge or feeding site for seabirds or shorebirds. , the area does not belong to any protected natural area and it will be suitable for not interrupting the aerodynamic flow of the tides.


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