Santa Catarina, Concordia, will finally be able to market their bamboo production


Personnel from Conafor and the municipal administration of Concordia delivered the guides that guarantee the legality of the sale of the production

Concordia, Sinaloa.- The bamboo producers of the Santa Catarina community already have all the documents to market the plant’s poles, after several months of management before the National Forestry Commission , a department that this Tuesday delivered the referral guides forestry to legally support the acquisition and sale of the same. 

Luis Antonio Rosas Ochoa, head of the local forestry development department, explained to the beneficiaries that he already has fourteen hectares of bamboo planted, the benefits they will have by already having these important documents, after two years of pilgrimage of the inhabitants of the community, this being the only one in the entire entity with this production.  

“At last they were achieved, they will be able to sell their products, if they want to completely, they can take advantage of all their plantations, the guides have a validity of one year, yes, they are recommended to be extremely careful in the guides, because those are federal documents that also have responsibilities ”. 

He called on producers to be careful with filling in the documentation, which will allow buyers to transfer their purchase to the place of destination, without problems with phytosanitary authorities , since if there is an error, it must also be reported to Conafor, so he asked that a person be in charge of doing the paperwork. 

Paulo Hernández and Leónides Sánchez, benefited producers, were grateful for the efforts made for the process, after several years that the project had stopped, in which they had already lost hope of achieving progress on the issue, after several requests purchase of bamboo, of which they lost a lot of money by not being able to commercialize it. 

“Many bills have gotten out of hand because of the opportunity that we have been waiting for a long time, but there we were, pray and pray, but thanks to God and to all of you who are here present, this triumph that is worthwhile was achieved and we must to take advantage of it as farmers ” 

“Look here is the result, here also with Professor Felipe because he had the laps too, he helped us with the trips to Culiacán, I never let my guard down and neither did they. 

The mayor of Concordia, Felipe Garzón López, urged the ejidatarios to walk in one direction, without envy, so that the community prospers economically, since, he said, it is the only way in which development will reach the population of Santa Catarina. 


The Mazatlan Post