San Cristóbal de las Casas, Vets hope to legalize the medical use of cannabis for animals

Veterinarians are waiting for the law to allow them to use cannabis legally, to treat some diseases in animals or to calm their pain

San Cristóbal de Las Casas.- Veterinarians are waiting for the law to allow them to use cannabis legally, to treat some diseases in animals or to calm their pain in issues that are incurable, said Adriana Flores, who is part of CANAVET, a research center linked to the Faculty of Higher Studies of Cuautitlán that belongs to the Autonomous University of Mexico.

In an interview, she commented that veterinarians are not mentioned in the opinions and regulations for the use of Cannabis to cure diseases, so they are promoting that they could be considered in the law, to work with oils of medical quality, since many people are profiting from the oil but without the correct prescription.

Adriana Flores, CANAVET

“There are people who are prescribing the oils without having medical knowledge of how cannabis medicine works; Cannabis works for all kinds of animals, dogs, cats, horses, to treat neurodegenerative diseases, such as epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and especially pain, there are things that cannot be removed but pain can be controlled ”.

She also said the marijuana is used for cancer treatments, for example in chemotherapies when patients presented vomiting, which decreases appetite, “cannabis can help shrink tumors, slow the growth of cancer cells in the body, and also helps when animals are very aggressive, anxious, that can help us ”.

“We have seen good results if it is well dosed by a certified doctor and there is no side effect. If someone who does not know does it and overdoses, the pet can suffer intoxication; It is a treatment that varies in terms of price, they are specialized treatments, there is no difficulty in doing a cannabis treatment, the difficulty would be in the sense of the cost of the product, not everyone can pay for a long-term therapy ”.

Adriana Flores considered that if Mexico had the possibility of producing cannabis for oils, the costs could go down. “There is a lack of enough things that could be talked about, we have to be heard because there is favorable scientific evidence on the use of Cannabis in animals.”

Finally, she exemplified that she treats animals to calm down their pain, “I have a patient with epilepsy, we have seen improvements, the number of attacks has decreased, the interval has decreased as well, so I invite all veterinarians to approach CANAVET on Facebook, that they look for the veterinarian Bruno Pérez to receive advice and the community will grow ”.


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