Organic Sinaloa coffee will be grown in Concordia mountains


Ernesto Sánchez Rojas commented that they have been working on the issue for two years and in the next few days they will start with the production of coffee with several families of mountain communities

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Concordia Rural Development Directorate is seeking to make the most of the land in the municipality’s sierra since it is not only good for the production of corn or poinsettias, but it can also work perfectly. for planting coffee, so they bet on this project.  

Productive Options program so that they can start micro-businesses in the communities

Ernesto Sánchez Rojas stated that for two years they have brought coffee production in mind and have already trained several women from the Chirimoyos community with producers from Oaxaca, from whom they learned about the new product, its advantages, disadvantages, care, as well as sales methods and strategies.  

coffee production in sinaloa

“We are duplicating these courses here in the area with the ladies, from the installation of nurseries, installation of compost, production, planting, the objective is so that people can have an income and can produce their plant to put them themselves and to the sale”. 

Sánchez Rojas mentioned that the primary intention is that the people of the communities of the mountains such as Pánuco, La Petaca and Chirimoyos, who a few years ago were affected by displacement due to violence, have a favorable future projection for the growth of their families.

He reported that in addition to the Produce Foundation and the municipal government, they are being supported by the Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock of Sinaloa, who provided material for the construction of the greenhouses and elements that will serve for the coffee nurseries, which it is estimated that within production will start in the next few days. 


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