Human bodies found in a hotel construction site on mainland Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The remains of at least three human bodies has been confirmed found on a property next to a construction site on mainland Isla Mujeres. The remains were discovered after forensic personnel spent the week sifting through the property after a lead.

The lead came after the November 21 arrest of Ezequiel R and Manuel V who were captured for the death of a man whose remains were found on the property. After their arrest, police reported the pair were believed related to other homicides in the Cancun area.

The two detained men lead police to the property where they said additional bodies were buried. Authorities have focused on a property adjacent to an Isla Mujeres construction site, which is where the missing people worked. Trained dogs have since detected the location of two more graves.

Officials are working on identifying the skeletal remains as well as on determining the causes of death. The prosecutor’s office has not said if they intend to look for human remains within the construction itself, which is a hotel, since it would mean a partial destruction of the building.

Forensic experts continue to look for human remains

They have said that the search will be expanded with the support of the National Guard and canine pairings to confirm or rule out the existence of more evidence.

In the meantime, criminal experts from the State Attorney General’s Office continue to investigate the property near the construction of a hotel on the road to Isla Blanca.

Source: El Universal

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