Sinaloa healthcare sector workers will receive an additional bonus


Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel also spoke of the intention to acquire the vaccine against the virus once it is authorized by Cofepris

Sinaloa.- From this Monday, the health personnel that includes some five thousand people, who treat the cases of Covid-19 in the public hospitals of the entity will begin to receive an additional economic bonus to the salary, announced the Governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

After a bike ride to Teacapán, where he took the opportunity to supervise the remodeling works of the receivership’s road and boardwalk, the state president commented that this incentive is to thank the doctors, nurses, and all the support staff for their work in this year within the pandemic, where about 15 million pesos will be spent.

“Tomorrow it will begin to distribute, TO support the people, it is something that was not budgeted, that was not considered, but that we made an effort to support the people, perhaps it is something that they do not have and what can be given because the economic situation is difficult, it is recognition and gratitude to them ”.

On the subject of the vaccine against Sars-Cov-2 or the new coronavirus, Ordaz Coppel clarified that the arrival of the vaccine in December will be for experimental tests, not for application to the public since before this it was It has to be certified by the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, then it would be the distribution for the health sector and begin to apply it.

Ordaz Coppel said that as a government they have the intention of acquiring a good batch of medicine to make it reach the people once it is authorized and although not a specific budget for it, the resource obtained from the sale of the House Government of Sinaloa will be used for its acquisition.

“It will still take time for people to reach them, so we want to contribute by buying vaccine too because we don’t even know how much it will cost, we are going to take advantage of the sale of the Government House for vaccination, how much scope, as that there is wool and it will help people, what we think is that people get off faster ”.

He added that one of the priorities that he has as governor is to guarantee health to Sinaloans and above all that infections gradually tend to decline, therefore the interest in buying the vaccine once it is authorized and certified by Cofepris.


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