The Gran Fondo of New York will arrive in Mazatlan in May 2021


The cycling event will have a stop in the port of Sinaloa for the first time after it has reached Monterrey and Cozumel for years, as well as ten other countries.

Sinaloa.- Once again the port of Mazatlán will be in the eyes of the world with the arrival of a date for the Gran Fondo in New York, one of the most important cycling events on the planet with a presence in eleven countries, announced Luis Castro, a triathlon athlete.

It will be on May 2, 2021, when the route will have a stopover in Sinaloa for the first time in history, particularly in the port, thus certifying the journey that concludes a few more days in the city of the Big Apple, with two stops traditional in Mexico; Monterrey and Cozumel.

“The people from the Gran Fondo in New York come next week to see the cyclo tour and they are going to do a route, they are going to make a route design, it really must be a very fast route because it will be three weeks before the grand final. it will be in New York, so the people who have not qualified for the world championship in New York will seek to qualify in Mazatlán ”.

He pointed out that this route is not a ride, but rather a tough competition where cyclists from different parts of the world participate, as one more way to promote Mazatlán as a tourist and sports destination.

Cozumel será sede del Gran Fondo Nueva York Cozumel 2019 –

The announcement was made at the end of a run by the municipality of Escuinapa to celebrate the municipal bicycle day, which from this year will be celebrated, as it is one of the most characteristic towns of the entity due to the use of the two-wheel vehicle as a means of transportation

Governor Quirino Ordaz, his wife, the president of DIF Sinaloa Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz, the mayor of Escuinapa, Emmett Soto Grave, and his wife, Liliana Canizález de Soto, along with hundreds of cyclists from Rosario, Escuinapa, Mazatlán, Culiacán, and Guasave.


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