Sinaloa Congress ‘corners’ golf course owners and others to pay property taxes


Taxes will not be increased, but it will prevent the owners of these large lands from resorting to paying less, or failing that, taking protection

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Sinaloa State Congress reformed the Municipal Finance Law that puts an end to the “privileges” that building owners and owners of golf courses have, regarding the payment of taxes, such as it is the Property tax.

In the virtual session, the deputies voted in favor of reforming articles 35 first paragraph, fraction 1 in its second paragraph, 36; 39; a fifth paragraph is added to section 1 of article 35; and article 36 Bis; and section IV of article 35, all of the Municipal Finance Law of the State of Sinaloa, is repealed.

The reforms to the Law do not contemplate tax increases, the State Congress reported through a bulletin, but it does end the privileges that golf courses had of paying less than their share, or, failing that, resorting to shelters.

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During the discussion of the opinion, the president of the Finance and Public Administration Commission, María Victoria Sánchez Peña, stressed that the reforms are to provide greater certainty and transparency to the municipal tax system.

He asserted that in the municipalities there has been a low collection because large taxpayers use amparos and therefore do not contribute as they should.

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He pointed out that the existence of tax regimes is unacceptable so that golf courses do not pay the Property like the rest of the citizens.


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