Puerto Vallarta at maximum occupancy this weekend


Ramón González Lomelí, director of municipal tourism, reported that this long weekend, there are already reservations in the hotel and it is expected to be at 45 or 50%, which is the allowed occupancy limit. 

“Mainly we will be visiting mainly nationals, we are talking about Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Los Altos de Jalisco, among others, so we are looking forward to a good long weekend with many expectations.” 

He indicated that there will be a lot of road tourists and it will be a good long weekend for Puerto Vallarta, to give way to the strongest season; in addition to the fact that tourism service providers, businessmen, hoteliers, restaurateurs, among others, have been asked to continue complying with the health measures, since there will no longer be an emergency button. 

In this sense, the municipal official highlighted that hotel occupancies in Puerto Vallarta, after implementing the emergency button 14 days ago, were low, but on weekends it has reached 40%. 

It is worth mentioning that from this Friday we could see more tourism and the arrival of buses, so that tourists can enjoy these days in the city.

Source: tribunadelabahia.com.mx

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