Thanksgiving reservations at Los Cabos over 40% occupancy


Through a statement, the Hotel Association of Los Cabos said that Los Cabos is ready to close the year with full respect for the health recommendations

The health contingency has strongly impacted the destination; Tourism, which is the main economic activity of the municipality, has been greatly affected, however, something that characterizes Los Cabos is making weaknesses a strength, the coordinated work between the public and private sectors has shown, once again, that all united is the key to get out of difficulties.

“Today the destination registers an occupancy percentage of 40 percent with peaks on weekends that reach up to 45 percent occupancy, in addition, there is a forecast of reaching around 50 percent during this Thanksgiving Day weekend, a weekend that always sets trends in occupancy due to its importance in the destination 

“It is important to highlight that this year’s festivities will be in a different way, respecting above all the biosafety guidelines and protocols, but maintaining the highest level of quality and warmth that characterizes us”, as mentioned by Lilzi Orcí, Executive President from the Los Cabos Hotel Association.
This leads Los Cabos to be competing on par with other international destinations, which is very good news, this undoubtedly shows the preference that tourists have for our destination, which continues to be a national and international benchmark brand. 

Another good news is the recovery in airplane seats and that, despite the circumstances, a very competitive average rate remains above 250 dollars.

The occupancy forecast for the rest of the month of November shows an average of 40 percent in Los Cabos and for the last month of the year we expect to have an average of 39 percent throughout the destination; It is important to mention that this number is on the rise since it is a tendency to register a large number of last-minute reservations.

Undoubtedly, all these data are thanks to the efforts of all the collaborators of the companies that are part of the tourist value chain of the destination, wills reflected in all the certifications they have obtained as a company and as a destination, which give the opportunity to Los Cabos of being an example in following biosecurity protocols, action reflected in satisfied visitors and willing to return.


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