The WTTC grants safe travel seals to destinations in Mexico


The states of Veracruz, Aguascalientes and Hidalgo, joined the list of 21 Mexican destinations that obtain the Safe Travels Stamp granted free of charge by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC, for its acronym in English), and that will help to regain the confidence of travelers.

Obtaining the seal represents a great responsibility for destinations. Once the authorities of each entity determine that there are conditions for safe opening, it is the responsibility of the state government to supervise the strict compliance with the protocols for the health care of visitors and service providers.

“Mexico is a great world-class travel destination, its different tourist attractions are recognized and preferred by business and leisure tourists for its rich culture, traditions, gastronomy and, above all, for the warmth of its people, ”said Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC.

He considered that it is time to act with the greatest responsibility, to join efforts between government authorities and representatives of the private sector, in order to make a common front that allows promoting the responsible reactivation of tourism.

Xóchitl Arbesú Lago, Secretary of Tourism of Veracruz, said that “the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the tourist is a premise, therefore, being creditors of the WTTC Safe Travel Seal granted by the World Travel and Tourism Council, guarantees to our visitors that we are a destination with guidelines and quality standards in terms of health and hygiene, which will make them live a pleasant experience on their trip ”.

Humberto Javier Montero de Alba, Secretary of Tourism of Aguascalientes, stated: “I thank the WTTC for collaborating hand in hand with the government and businessmen of Aguascalientes to continue advancing in the economic reactivation in a safe and responsible way, to provide unique experiences to the visitors. The seal will generate greater confidence among visitors, who will have the certainty that health protocols will be applied to guarantee their safety. This distinction will contribute to the economic reactivation since as the influx of tourists increases, the activity in hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies will be more dynamic ”.

Eduardo Javier Baños, Secretary of Tourism of Hidalgo, said that “the seal has been a great success, it has demonstrated its importance for destinations, companies, for travelers and among people who work and depend on the travel and tourism sector. In Hidalgo, we want to join the Safe Travels Stamp destinations, which are part of a rapidly growing global network of important national and local destinations, which are committed to rebuilding trust among travelers and within, so that safe travel can be enjoyed as restrictions are eased ”.

Among the national destinations that already have the Safe Travel Seal, Mexico City, Tabasco, the State of Mexico, Chiapas, Guanajuato, Oaxaca, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Jalisco, Sonora, Yucatán and Quintana Roo stand out, among others. .

The hygiene and sanitation protocols of the WTTC were designed following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and have the support of the World Tourism Organization ( OMT). The Safe Travel Seal is supported by more than 200 CEOs of the main business groups in the travel and tourism sector in the world. The WTTC reserves the decision to remove the seal due to non-compliance with hygiene and sanitation protocols.



The Stamp is available to:

  • Companies involved in Travel & Tourism (non-WTTC members)
  • International or national-level Travel & Tourism industry associations
  • WTTC Members
  • Public destination authorities (national, regional and municipal governments)

The application process for each category is outlined below.

If you are interested in membership, click here.

Key Responsibilities

Users of the stamp have confirmed that they have implemented, and will ensure ongoing compliance with, the Safe Travels protocols and, in the case of aviation, the International Civil Aviation Organization’s “Takeoff: Guidance for Air Travel through the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis”, as outlined in our Terms & Conditions.

Public destination authorities, WTTC Members, and Travel & Tourism industry associations will assume the role of a Safe Travels ambassador to their stakeholders, advocating the implementation of the Safe Travels protocols and the uptake of the Safe Travels stamp to their subsidiary public sector authorities and private sector organizations and ensuring their ongoing compliance with the Protocols and Terms & Conditions


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