Zihuatanejo Mayor fulfills public works promises


Reaffirming that he is a full-time president and that his objective is to fulfill the works that he promised to the Zihuatanejo residents, Mayor Jorge Sánchez gave the starting signal for the re-filing of the Paseo del Palmar avenue in the Centro neighborhood, which it will offer better circulation to motorists and that adds to the new road image that this municipal administration is carrying out.

“Thank you for doing so much work, you are making a difference like no other president in Zihuatanejo, doing a lot of work and actions,” said the president of the Solidarity Market Committee, Rosa Linda García Alonso.

In his message, President Jorge Sánchez reported that there will be 5,000 m2 of paving that will benefit many people who circulate in this area, which is one of the main avenues. “We have to keep moving forward with more works because the people of Zihuatanejo deserve it,” said Sánchez Allec.

Source: zihuaboletinnoticias.com

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