Yucatan Mexico show their support for Donald Trump and the Republicans


MÉRIDA YUCATAN.- The “Republican Mexico” movement, which supports the re-election of Donald Trump from Mexican territory, also has supporters in Yucatán.

Today, one of them, Luis F. Avilés, shared an image showing just over twenty people holding banners with the legend “Trump 2020” and “Republican Mexico.” The group supports the reelection of President Trump from Yucatecan territory. Aviles, born in Merida, claims to be a “free citizen who loves Mexico and belongs to the Mexican Republican movement.”

It is not the only group of Yucatecans. Last October, the Twitter account of “Republican Mexico” shared a short video recorded in Tekax, which also shows a score of people, “mothers and children of migrants who are going to vote for President Trump. “

Demonstrations of “Republican Mexico” in CDMX

Last Sunday, some 200 sympathizers of the group organized a motorcade in favor of President Donald Trump in Mexico City “to express their support for him in the presidential elections.

The event, called “Republican Rally”, started in Xochimilco and ended in Polanco, in front of the Abraham Lincoln monument.

In Xochimilco, on the Cuemanco pier, the supporters baptized one of the traditional trajineras with the name of Trump, to which they also hung blankets with the Trump-Pence formula and the legend “Keep America Great”, which they placed on hundreds of cars.

The businessman Larry Rubin, a representative in Mexico of the Republican Party, was the one who organized the caravan and trusted in the re-election of Trump, on November 3

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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