San Luis Potosi signs international agreement for the conservation of its historic center


A platform is established where there will be an exchange of experiences in the cultural, social and architectural conservation areas between Ibero-American historical centers.

“Rescuing our Historic Centers is rescuing the roots, the political, commercial, religious, social origins of the cities, to build a better organized agenda in order to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage that they represent,” said the Governor of San Luis Potosí , Juan Manuel Carreras López , when signing the agreement for the installation of the International Linkage Platform of the Historic Center of the City of San Luis Potosí.

San Luis Potosi

The state president indicated that this initiative represents a new way to understand and increase the legacy that the Historic Center symbolizes for the people of Potosí, “to enhance it, understand it and share it with the new generations through the contribution of experiences and ideas from the different cities. World Heritage”.

Horacio Sánchez Unzueta, Coordinator of the Council of the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí, explained that the agreement aims to establish channels of exchange and collaboration of local authorities, public and private organizations and institutions, which act around rehabilitation tasks, conservation and maintenance of their respective cultural heritage, as well as their tourist, economic, commercial, cultural revival, within the best practices of sustainability and conservation of the environment.

Templo del Carmen, San Luis Potosí -

Amado Vega Robledo was appointed as coordinator of the platform, who pointed out that this document is the first step to go hand in hand to face the common problems that arise in the Historic Centers of San Luis Potosí and Latin America; Later, it will seek to integrate an infrastructure to strengthen the collaboration relationship between cities.

While the rector of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, Alejandro Zermeño Guerra, indicated that the institution will face the challenge of contributing ideas to give social vitality to the historic centers of Ibero-America, through different academic points of view.

International agreement by SLP

This agreement was signed by the cities of Barcelona, ​​Antigua Guatemala, Cusco, Havana, Lima, Salamanca, Cartagena, Quito and Seville, Sebastián Pérez García, Secretary General of the Capital City Council; Horacio Sánchez Unzueta, Coordinator of the Council of the Historic Center of San Luis Potosí; Alejandro Zermeño Guerra, Rector of the UASLP; David Eduardo Vázquez Salguero, President of the Colegio de San Luis; Amado Vega Robledo, Emma Castro Ruz, among other representatives of organizations, schools and business chambers.

This event was attended by the local deputy Vianey Montes Colunga, President of the Honorable State Congress; the federal deputy Guadalupe Almaguer Pardo; Francisco Román Gutiérrez, representative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Mexico, Julio César Galindo Pérez, president of Coparmex; Marco Antonio Luna Aguilar, legal representative of the Potosina Archdiocese, among others.

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