You’re not dreaming: “Gordimuertas”, a dish from Querétaro that went viral (video)


In the state of Querétaro, the new gastronomic sensation is the “ Gordimuertas ”, a creation by Mrs. María del Carmen Sosa Piñeira that became known on social networks; In an interview with, this chef said: “November: Halloween is coming, witches, dead. Why not? We are going to do the ‘ Gordimuertas ‘. And then I started making a gordita, which we were already selling, and I put bones in it, to see how it looks ”.

The name, shape, and flavor make the “Gordimuertas” from Querétaro a dish worth enjoying. Photo: Uno TV Special.

chilango - Gordimuertas, la reina garnacha inspirada en el pan de muerto

The formula worked: the dish appealed to their customers and demand increased. Poncho Viramontes, who is a worker at Doña María del Carmen’s antojitos, commented:

“Yes there has been a significant change, since (they announced the ‘ Gordimuertas ‘ of Querétaro ). Yes, people have been very interested, they really liked the idea and I say: ‘It’s not for nothing, but the truth is that they are very rich.’

Origin of the ” Gordimuertas ” of Querétaro

The name, shape, and flavor make the “ Gordimuertas ” from Querétaro a dish worth enjoying, which is sold at home. On the menu there are potato “ Gordimuertas ” with sausage, pressed pork rinds or cheese and, according to customers, any flavor is a guaranteed success, which will also not be forgotten in the festivities for the Day of the Dead, so representative in Mexico. Juan Carlos Brito, diner, added:

“(The“ Gordimuertas ”of Querétaro are) quite good because from the name you already crave : they have the richest bread of the season and apart from the gorditas, which is Mexican gastronomic Garnacha, it already gives you craving and a desire to want to try them ”.

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