Health workers denounce that they are forced to work without protection and equipment in Rosario, Sinaloa


Health workers denounce that they have to buy their own equipment, they also demand compensation for high risk.

Rosario, Sinaloa (October 27, 2020).- Workers of the Health Sector of the Integral Hospital of El Rosario and Health Center, said they are not satisfied with the conditions in which they have been working since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic affecting health personnel and workers at the hospital.

Jessica Marielos Rubalcava Prado, Union Delegate of Health Workers, mentioned in an interview that among the things they are demanding are safety material to work, since they point out they have had to buy their own equipment since only on two occasions have they been given one face mask each, and some of them did not get anything.

Therefore, they demand the Governor of the State Quirino Ordaz Coppel and the Secretary of Health, Efrén Torres Encinas, to have these hospitals equipped and to be sensitive, since the doctors and nurses are working without security equipment and many of these health workers have tested positive for COVID-19 already.

“We are not asking for something out of place, we are asking for what is fair and necessary”, concluded Jessica Marielos, who indicated that this Tuesday in the state capital her colleagues from the union would hold a meeting with the Governor, hoping that good results will be obtained.

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