American Airlines confirms a 42% increase in seats for Mazatlan


MAZATLÁN._ American Airlines confirmed a 42% increase in seat availability for the month of December for Mazatlán, which is one of the first results of the 2020 Edition of Fiesta Amigos de Mazatlán, announced Óscar Pérez Barros, Secretary of Tourism at Sinaloa, in a press release.

This said Pérez Barros, continues to position Mazatlán as one of the most profitable destinations in the country.

American Airlines confirms 42% increase in seats for Mazatlan. Óscar Pérez Barros says that this is one of the first results of the 2020 Edition of Fiesta Amigos de Mazatlán.

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“American Airlines is very happy with the results that Mexico’s beach destinations have shown, but specifically with Mazatlán, that is why we maintained the same number of seats in November as last year, but we have grown for December,” reported Liane Augustine, Product Director for Mexico and Latin America for the airline.

For his part, Gilberto Áviles Bazúa, Director of the Mazatlán Connectivity Committee, commented that it is reported that on average cabin sales are 75%, which is a very good indicator. Likewise, he thanked American Airlines for being a great business partner for the destination.

The results of the work in coordination with the most important foreign airline for Mazatlán will continue for the coming months, given that the expectations on the routes of Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, are very good for the beginning of 2021, said Pérez Barros.

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