According to Everything Playa del Carmen, these could be the new Maya train stations


Designs of the Mayan Train Project

If you have not heard of the Tren Maya or as it is commonly called in English, the Mayan Train, you have to catch up. It is already under construction and has the potential to have a big impact on tourism in the area. Of course, any new infrastructure project announced comes with a grain of salt (meaning “let’s see what happens and not believe all the details until it is done”). There is a list of projects that have been stalled, canceled, or late. To mention a few, there is the Tulum Airport, renovation of 5th Avenue,  closing and moving the Playa Del Carmen Airport, and the Dragon Mart project. We do see, however, growing energy for this project. If you want to learn more about it, we have a full article on the Mayan Train here.  

As this project progresses, there are more conceptual designs for stations and what the Mayan Train will look like as it is integrated into communities and landscapes. Below are some of the designs. 

Next stop, Playa Del Carmen Train Station

What appears to be a raised rail project passing next to the 307 Highway in Playa Del Carmen could be the future of Mayan Train in town. This could revitalize that corridor and become a new

transportation hub. Tren Maya

Playa Del Carmen Train Station

Tren Maya

Arial view of the Playa Del Carmen Train Station.Tren Maya

Playa Del Carmen Train Station for the Mayan Train. Tren Maya

Playa Del Carmen Train Station.

Tren Maya

Interior view of the Playa Del Carmen Train Station.Tren Maya

What retail spaces could look like under the Playa Del Carmen Train Station.

Puerto Morelos Train Station

Puerto Morelos is the small beach community between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Because there are many hotels here, including all inclusive hotels, this could be an important stop on the Mayan Train. Tren Maya

Puerto Morelos Train Station concept.

Tren Maya

Puerto Morelos Train station for the Tren Maya.

Cancun Train Station

A grand open space for the downtown of Cancun could be the start of many train journeys into the Mayan world. Tren Maya

Cancun Train StationTren Maya

An interior concept drawing for the Cancun Train Station.

Tren Maya

Cancun Train Station.Tren Maya

The Cancun Train Station

Palenque Train Station

Palenque, Chiapas is one of the last stations of the Mayan Train Project. This is one of the proposed destinations because of the importance of the Palenque ruins. Since this is an important area, not only historically, but also environmentally, it will be a challenge to integrate part of the culture into the new project. Part of this can be reflected in on of the photos below. A performance space with traditional Maya dance and ceremony could greet visitors arriving in Palenque after the train journey. Tren Maya

Palenque Train Station.

Tren Maya

Palenque Train Station

What the train could look like built near the highways

One of the biggest issues people have with the project is the environmental impact. Some 30% of the project already has existing tracks from previous rail projects, but this does mean a lot will have to be built in sensitive areas. Most of the project though will mirror existing highways and the train can be integrated into existing infrastructure. 

Tren Maya

Tren Maya

Integrated Mayan train into existing infrastructure.

Tren Maya

The Mayan Train running parallel to the highway.

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