4.6 million USD in prizes at the “Bisbee’s Black And Blue” International Sport Fishing Tournament in Cabo


Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. This Tuesday, October 20, the history of Los Cabos as a tourist destination is framed by the materialization of the most important sport fishing event in Mexico and possibly in the world.

This is the start of the fortieth edition of the “Bisbee’s Black And Blue” International Sport Fishing Tournament, in this year 2020.

The call, recognized for its millionaire awards and distinguished celebrities who participate, was the first tourist event that was announced and would not be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on the contrary, it was the son of the founder of the event, Wayne Bisbee, who He personally came to the destination to deliver the news, when we were still in the critical Phase 5 of the Baja California Sur Health Alert System, which fortunately is today in Phase 3.

Today begins the last stage of registration for the teams, with an expectation of achieving more than one hundred registrations and at least 1.4 million dollars in prizes.

The competition began on October 21 and ends on October 23, where blue and black marlin specimens weighing more than three hundred pounds will be able to compete for the juicy prizes.

The tournament and its activities on land are carried out under strict health protocols and will not be open to the public, with the support of the Integral Port Administration (API) to limit the jetty pier to the organizers, participants and fishermen.

There will also be no access to the press to face-to-face calls. Even with the limitations of the “new normal”, the Bisbee’s Black And Blue aspires to be the greatest success of sport fishing in the middle of the pandemic.

Source: El Sudcaliforniano

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