San Luis Potosí bakery sells Pan de Muerto using famous “pallbearers” act (VIDEO)


A bakery in San Luis Potosí is using dancing pallbearers to market its Day of the Dead bread, a marketing effort that has succeeded in drawing attention to the bakery and its product.

A video of four men carrying a cardboard coffin emblazoned with La Superior bakery’s logo and dancing on the sidewalk while raucous electronic music plays in the background has been circulating on social media this week.

The bakery said it debuted the dancing pallbearers on October 5 in advance of Day of the Dead on November 1 as it handed out free pan de muerto to passersby.

La Superior manager Héctor Preciado said the idea came to him after his daughter carried bread around in a shoebox and started dancing. 

“We toured what is the Alameda, Plaza de Armas, Plaza Fundadores, Plaza del Carmen and Callejón Hidalgo, and we also went to Plaza de Soledad,” Preciado said, where the dancers immediately drew attention.

“We went with the speaker in front, then people began to hear the sound and many people identify the song with the video … So, the reaction of the people was to take out their cell phones almost immediately,” he said.

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As of Saturday, video of the publicity stunt posted to La Superior’s Facebook page had been viewed 39,000 times. 


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