Mayor offers Mexican lawyers a safe Mazatlan


The municipal president attends as a special guest at the protest of the members of the Sinaloa Delegation of Concaam

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres offered the members of the National Confederation of Associations of Lawyers of Mexico, a Mazatlán with three “S”, citizen security, health security and economic security.

The Municipal President attended as a special guest the swearing-in of members of the Sinaloa Delegation of Concaam, headed by José Antonio Serna Valdez, an event that took place in one of the rooms of the Convention Center.

The Mayor stressed that Mazatlán is transforming to leave the image of an “old-fashioned” tourist destination to become the best beach destination in the country, and in the midst of the pandemic it has prepared to provide security to visitors and locals.

“Mazatlán currently has three ‘S’: citizen security, health security and economic security, fundamental pillars in this new normal. Since I arrived, thanks to the mandate of the Mazatlecos, to govern a beautiful place that I love and love a lot, I committed myself to making this port the best tourist destination for beaches in this country, and we are going in that direction, we are going on that path ” .

He said that the meeting of Mexican lawyers in the port is a great opportunity to ask them to work to pay off the great debt that exists with society: social justice.
José Antonio Serna Valdez, Concaam delegate in Sinaloa, said that in the state there are great remains in the administration of justice, however, work must be done so that the rule of law prevails.

“Justice cannot stop, justice has to move forward, because it is a very important axis that in all speech and government actions must prevail, the rule of law, because we are faithful believers that the capital gain of a city is measured for your safety, and this is where we lawyers contribute ”.


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