Alien figures discovered during Maya train construction


How true is this discovery? Fonatur responds to about the figures found.

Yucatan Peninsula.— Through social networks, users viralized images of supposed extraterrestrial figures that would have been found during the excavation work for the construction of the Mayan Train in the state of Quintana Roo.

The figures found shows “beings” with wide eyes and oval skulls. Due to the shape of the effigies, netizens assured that they were aliens.

The series of photographs in which it was said that they were proof that the aliens were in contact with members of pre-Hispanic cultures, spread through social networks and through WhatsApp.

All this euphoria caused the National Tourism Development Fund (Fonatur) to explain what these figures were about. As some thought, they do not represent any type of pre-Hispanic relic.

What are the discovered figures?

Adrián Montemayor, from Fonatur on his Twitter account, ruled out that they are archaeological finds.

He took advantage of its publication to explain that the pieces found are “contemporary figures”, so they are not related to the periods in which the Mayan civilization flourished.

Montemayor also indicated that these effigies are made with current materials, despite having Mexican symbols, as well as those of Peru and the United Kingdom.

Adrián pointed out that supposed extraterrestrials are shaped like “Ice Creams cones”, collectible figures launched by a major soft drink brand in the 1990s.

The Fonatur member concluded by commenting that in the event that archaeological figures are discovered during the construction of the Mayan Train, they will be released in due course – With information from social networks.


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