Puerto Vallarta’s Mantamar beach club sex scandal gets off with a fine

It turned out that this week the Mantamar beach club paid a fine but was not closed, after sexual encounters in a transparent pool
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The Mantamar beach club paid a fine of 22,179.60 pesos this week, for having allowed sex in one of its transparent pools.

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The information was confirmed today by official sources, it was learned that the representatives of this beach club made the payment that municipal courts set them last week.

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It is also confirmed that the regulation department did not order a closure and the beach club continues to work as usual.

It should be noted that several days ago, citizens sent NoticiasPV and NoticiasPvNayarit at least two videos that publicly contained sex scenes.

In one of these, two men, apparently tourists, are observed touching their limbs.
While in the second, a sexual scene between men is seen.

Mantamar Beach Club in Downtown Puerto Vallarta

It should be noted that having sex outdoors at a beach club in Puerto Vallarta merited a fine of 22,179.60 pesos.

It is important to mention that the Police and Good Governance Regulations prohibit having sexual relations in private places with the public view.

However, the beach club was not closed at any time, they only sent the folio and Mantamar already paid.

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Source: noticiaspvnayarit.com.mx

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