Mazatlan will fine businesses that hand out plastic bags


This year, the Mazatlan Ecology Directorate could issue fines and infractions to businesses that deliver plastic bags, said the head of this agency, Lourdes SanJuan, who on the other hand indicated that she had just made a tour of the Estero del Infiernillo which has become the “largest garbage dump in the city.”

El estero El Infiernillo en Mazatlán se llena de basura e invasiones

In the interview, the official said first that businesses must deliver, where appropriate, biodegradable bags or that the customer bring their bag to collect their purchases. SanJuan denounced that there are businesses that deliver bags that say they are biodegradable, but that in reality, they are not.

She also said that many of those bags “are not known to be biodegradable because there is no certification body; only one company approached Ecology and showed that their type of bag was compostable, because you put it in the water and it disappears because it was made of corn starch ”.

The official acknowledged that there are shopping centers that no longer deliver purchases in plastic bags and each person has to bring their own bag of whatever material.

Lourdes SanJuan accepted that an awareness stage is also required in small businesses so that they do not deliver the products in plastic bags.

As for the Estero del Infiernillo reported that on his journey she encountered a “real disaster; there is a junkyard for electronic materials, stone waste, household garbage, dead animals; it is a source of infection, a garbage dump within the city ”.

Estero del Infiernillo en espera de recuperación | EL DEBATE

He said that the preventive police must patrol in that area and take to the Court whoever throws garbage or contaminates. She indicated that the support of the Ministry of Public Security has been requested, but that it ignores them or they forget; “People will not listen if they are not fined and cited for littering.”


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