Morelia, Michoacan is famous for its iconic candy


There is a market in Morelia, Michoacan where you can find a wide variety of typical sweets and it is a mandatory stop when visiting the state capital.

The aisles of Mercado Valentín Gómez Farías, in Morelia, are celebrating, since they turned 52 years of offering in its more than 150 stores a wide variety of traditional sweets such as ate, wafers, tamarinds, lemons stuffed with coconut, palanquetas, and many more; in addition to offering a wide catalog of typical Michoacán handicrafts.

It was back in 1968 when this place opened its doors and, since then, more establishments have been added. Here, you can find copper pieces from Santa Clara, colorful rebozos, the famous guitars from Paracho, catrinas from Capula, and a myriad of artifacts that reflect Michoacan and Purépecha culture and traditions.

Better known as the Morelia Candy and Handicraft Market, this place is located a few streets from the Clavijero Palace and next to the Public Library. It stands out for honoring the culinary history of more than 300 sweets that characterize the region. An experience that without a doubt every Mexican needs to give to her palate.

A sweet that every visitor cannot stop trying is the Morelia, one of the sweets that most represents Michoacán. Its process consists of putting cajeta circles on the star paper on a tray, adding the walnut and putting it to bake until they are completely firm.

Source: El Universal

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