6 Pueblo Magicos in Hidalgo offer special discount promotions


Promotions and even camping opportunities and lower costs is how these Pueblo Magicos have been surviving

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the sinking of some service providers such as Huasca, one of the six Magic Towns “Pueblo Magicos” in Hidalgo and the first to be called as such, of the 121 that are currently in Mexico. They work to position themselves in the tourism sector and therefore reactivate their economy for at least 90 percent of its population, under strict health protocols, commented Isidro Muñoz, head of tourism in that municipality, where there are 350 lodging establishments with two thousand rooms.

Prismas Basálticos, bosques y barrancas en Huasca de Ocampo, pueblo mágico  de Hidalgo | SinEmbargo MX

Hotel occupancy is 20 percent, so, with digital strategies, such as promotions coupled with offering camping opportunities and even lowering costs for those who stay overnight, is how it has been operating in these places that are icons for what they represent in their gastronomy, in addition to culture and folklore as well as history.

Ex-Hacienda de San Miguel Regla - Huasca de Ocampo, Hidalgo
san miguel regla

It is not the only Pueblo Magicos that faces the pandemic, since there are six in total in Hidalgo, who apply creativity so that, with the orange epidemiological traffic light, it reactivates, although it recognized it is complicated but trusts that tourists will return as before, to enjoy what the entity offers, although the issue is not local, but national.

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In the list of Pueblo Magicos of the entity, and according to Tourism portals, it is reported that in Huasca, there are not only forests and trout, there are also former haciendas such as San Miguel Regla and Santa María Regla, the San Miguel dam. Antonio Regla, Peña del Aire, and the Basaltic Prisms.

Panteón Inglés vive en la voz de una mujer - El Sol de Hidalgo

In Real del Monte whose distinctive symbol are the mines and the English Cemetery, as well as the El Hiloche forest.

Pueblo Mágico Mineral del Chico, Hidalgo - TuriMexico

While in Mineral del Chico, sports and recreational activities are carried out in the open air and it is one of the points in the central area of ​​the country where the so-called “adventure tourism” predominates. It is considered a National Park. And it is characterized by its winding and cobbled streets and its large houses with wide corridors and reddish roofs, it is mentioned in the portal

In this natural reserve, there are about 200 rock formations with wonderful places daring you to climb them.

Tecozautla, Hidalgo

Huichapan is called “Heroic city of the martyrs of freedom”, while Tecozautla, has thermal water spas and a unique natural geyser in Mexico

And in Zimapán, it is cited on the Federal Tourism page, there is a 15-meter high monolith, “El Vigilante”.

“The local cuisine offers chalupas, dry jerky, and enchiladas; as desserts there are homemade bread, pastes, and sweet tamales, and there are seasonal fruit drinks, pulque and wines. The purchases are for embroidered yachts, backpacks, wooden toys; baskets, fruit bowls and ixtle toys. As well as decorative figures in crumbs or embroidered folders and hook tablecloths “

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This Monday, October 5, the National Day of Magical Towns was celebrated for the first time, a date instituted by the federal government.

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It was in 2001 when the program was established, which incidentally stopped receiving resources from the federation for its operation, which led these places to weave networks among themselves to promote themselves, such as the celebration of the Magic Towns Fair in Hidalgo. , the previous year and that in this 2020 will be based in San Luis Potosí.

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