Woman slaps the mayor of Papalotla, Tlaxcala (VIDEO)


The video shows a woman who is arguing with the municipal president of Papalotla, Tlaxcala, she can be heard saying: “It’s always the same with your entire administration, ‘You don’t want any problems, ha?.’ So why are you the mayor? You just raise your hand to get paid, go get paid without working ”.

“We are tired of doing the work for you and you still do not support us. The only thing that is being asked of you, President, is that you support and approve the project, ” said the woman. While Jesús Herrera Xicohténcatl, mayor of Papalotla, begins to accuse the woman of wanting to destabilize things, something that bothers her a lot. 

“Lies? The only one who lies, steals, and betrays here is you, ” the woman tells the municipal president. Seconds later the woman begins to walk, stands in front of Herrera Xicohténcatl, slaps him on the face in front of everyone, and calls him “pendejo“. The mayor does not respond, he just walks away immediately.

The same source indicates that the work of six and a half million pesos, which is approved by the Ministry of Works, Urban Development and Housing (Secoduvi), is for the construction of a boulevard with a jogging path, outdoor gym, green areas, playgrounds, a court for multipurpose events, sidewalks and more.

However, so far Jesús Herrera Xicohténcatl has not done anything, so rumors begin that the municipal president wants to divert the resources of that project.

Source: sopitas.com

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