Congress rules out same-sex unions in Sonora


HERMOSILLO, SONORA.- The members of the United Commissions for Equality, Justice, and Human Rights in the State Congress rejected the initiative proposed by Deputy Yumiko Palomarez, which sought to allow civil unions between people of the same sex in Sonora.

With six votes in favor, five against and one absence, the initiative was rejected due to the fact that between both commissions there are 12 legislators and half the votes plus one were required for its approval and passing it to the Plenary of the LXII Legislature.

The initiative of the deputy of Morena proposed to modify in the Law the concept of marriage, which according to current laws is defined as “the union between a man and a woman”; its reform suggested modifying this concept, by “the union between two people

María Dolores del Río Sánchez of the Citizen Movement, the Morenoists Miroslava Luján, Alicia Gaytán and Miguel Ángel Chaira , the PES representative Leticia Calderón and the PT María Magdalena Uribe voted in favor .

While the votes against were from the PAN members Alejandra López Noriega and Eduardo Urbina ; the PRI member Armando AlcaláCarlos Navarrete of the Encuentro Social and Javier Duarte of the Nueva Alianza party.

The absence that defined the vote was that of Deputy Héctor Raúl Castelo Montaño, from Morena, who started the virtual session, but withdrew before the vote.

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