‘GPO’s Topolobampo plant, a 100% sustainable and favorable project for the area’


Víctor Vaca Cuéllar, Development Director of the GPO Topolobampo Project, pointed out that they have studied the biodiversity of the area and will not affect it, on the contrary, they will benefit it.

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Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The plant of fertilizer that will build GPO in Topolobampo is a project completely sustainable because it will not generate damage in the area, to the contrary, benefit not only the environment but also in generating thousands of new jobs and wealth assured Víctor Vaca Cuéllar.

The Development Director of the GPO Topolobampo Project pointed out that this company has already promoted similar plants in its original country, Germany, and the surrounding regions have benefited.

“The project is totally sustainable, 100%, we are complying with all Mexican and international regulations and we have been doing the necessary work for 7 years, to verify what is in these 3 bays, in this lagoon complex, check the status of biodiversity.

“We have worked hand in hand with the academy, with the polytechnic and other universities in the area, from there we have implemented programs to improve biodiversity and the environment, the quality of the Bay of Ohuira will be improved, but also the quality of life for residents, there will be better fishing and better water quality, ”he said.

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In an interview with linea directa, Vaca Cuéllar described as a “myth” that they will affect the fauna or flora of the area since there is no study that proves that this could happen. he pointed out that the waste will be properly managed, it will never be dumped directly into the bay.

He predicted that the GPO plant will be just the first of many projects that will soon reach Topolobampo and the northern part of the state in general, as it has great potential to become an industrial corridor that will transform the lives of those who live there.

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