Bud light trailer overturns on the road and residents of Querétaro steal beer


Beer lovers were recorded after the overturning of a trailer carrying beer, which crashed on the Mexico-Querétaro highway

Actitud de viernes? Vuelca tráiler de cerveza y provoca rapiña * Página  Central

The beer aficionados were recorded after the overturning of a trailer carrying beer, which crashed on the Mexico-Querétaro highway, at kilometer 169, near the municipality of San Juan del Río.

After the accident, residents of nearby communities came to the site who used everything from sacks to wheelbarrows to get hold of Bud Light beer cans, which were scattered on the asphalt.

Through videos and photographs disseminated on social networks, acts of robbery were documented, in which motorists who were traveling on the road had to take extreme precautions, because, in addition to the accident, they had to avoid running over any of the residents who came to the accident to seize the merchandise.

Subsequently, personnel from the National Guard appeared at the scene, who were deployed in the area without confirming any arrests. 

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Source: reporteindigo.com, excelsior.com.mx

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