Right now is the best time to move to Mexico!


Mexico – Buying a home in Mexico is very affordable and beneficial. You can surround yourself with the grandeur of the mountains or the warm weather of its beautiful beaches. On the other hand, if your thing is the urban life, you can settle in a cosmopolitan city.

Additionally, you can constantly enjoy wonderful culinary and cultural options, visit Magical Towns and discover a number of festivities that will let you get to know this country even better as you delight in its colorful traditions.


Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to settle in Mexico:

• The exchange rate makes it affordable to settle in Mexico.

• The United States and Canada are very close to Mexico, so booking flights to visit your family or have them visit you is very accessible, both financially and distance-wise.

• You can access alternative sources of mortgages in dollars. MEXLend mortgage brokers offer you reliable mortgage assistance to fulfill your dream of owning a property in Mexico, through various private funds.

• In times of pandemic, it may seem unfeasible to acquire a property. However, this year there has been a reduction in interest rates, in order to encourage investment activities.

• The cost of living is more affordable, from the cost of mortgages, property, and real estate taxes, to healthcare, basic goods, and entertainment.

Living in Mexico can be a dream come true. CONTACT US if you need help acquiring a house in this country and we will help you. With fourteen years in the Mexican market, MEXLend’s experience in the world of business and Real Estate is unparalleled.

Source: Banderas News

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