Colima Municipal Police has a new tool to combat crime, the Smart Patrol Car


Colima, Col. – The Mayor of Colima, Leoncio Morán Sánchez, and the Commissioner for Security and Civic Justice, Alejandro González Cussi, presented the new Smart Patrol cars, which are a tool that strengthens the work carried out by the Municipal Police of Colima, to guarantee the tranquility of the Colima families.

“This new security equipment, unique in the state and probably in the country, will help us to guarantee the tranquility of the citizens of the municipality of Colima; that’s why we continue to work from the Colima City Council, on what really matters and what really benefits citizens ”.

The Commissioner of Security and Civic Justice, Alejandro González Cussi, explained that the Intelligent Patrols have the objective of making the patrol work of the police that they carry out on a daily basis more efficient.

“We equipped two patrols with video cameras, located in the front and one in the back, and also a 360 ° camera called PTZ, which records and scans the environment; this is connected with software that facial recognition, in addition to a license plate reader, so what we are really doing is a 360-degree coverage of the situation ”.

Alejandro González Cussi, stressed that this disruptive tool allows identifying people who are being searched within the database of the Municipal Police of Colima; “All the faces, the images that we have of registers of repeat offenders or those who have a conflict with the Law in administrative matters, who have been processed through the Civic Justice, all of them are part of this large database.”

Gonzalez Cussi concluded that the first major objective that the Mayor set for the Municipal Police was to grow in confidence and be effective so these Smart Patrols are making the goals easier to be achieved.

Source: Colima Noticias

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