General Motors celebrates 85 years of doing business in Mexico


General Motors de México has long tablecloths celebrating 85 years of presence in the country, after a long journey that has led them to become the main producer and exporter of the sector in the national territory.

It was in 1937 that GM’s first manufacturing plant was inaugurated, and since then, the company has manufactured more than 15 million vehicles and almost 30 million engines in its four complexes located in Mexico.

It was exactly on September 23, 1935, when the first corporate offices of the company were established, and it was not until a year later that the construction of the Mexico Plant began, located on Avenida Ejército Nacional, where the corporate offices are currently located.


In 1965 the complex located in Toluca began operations, a place where N1 and N95 masks are currently manufactured since last April and where it also operates a modern aluminum smelting plant and another for engines.

It was in 1981 when the Ramos Arizpe complex was inaugurated, a factory where emblematic such as Celebrity, Citation, Century, and Chevy, among others, have been produced and where Equinox and Blazer are currently manufactured, as well as engines and transmissions.


The Silao plant was opened in 1995, becoming a fundamental part of the Guanajuato automotive cluster, where Chevrolet Cheyenne, Silverado, and GMC Sierra are now produced, as well as transmissions.

The history of GM does not end there, because, throughout this time, countless important events have passed for the firm, that it would be almost impossible to write them in these lines, however, the importance and participation of the company in our country, which today offers more than 32 models of the Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac brands.

Finally, without a doubt, the group has demonstrated the great confidence it has in Mexico, and the great plans it still has for our country.


The Mexico City Post