Mazatlan’s “Rancho buses” circulate on the road of sadness (video)


* Drivers regret the lack of students since they are their best customers.
* Expect them to return to face-to-face classes; they have done very badly

Since the pandemic began, the flow of passengers fell more than 50 percent in rural buses better known as “rancho buses”.

Padece transporte rural ausencia de estudiantes - El Sol De Mazatlán

The truckers said they hoped to improve the numbers when the students returned to their face-to-face classes.

Unfortunately this school year began virtually, affecting this sector in the worst way.

Roberto Páez, a driver, said that students are his biggest clients because there are many young people who come from different communities to study in Mazatlán.

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“We have done badly, they were the ones who made work pick up, there are many boys who come from towns to study in Mazatlán, many came and went, others every weekend and there we already had work but now with virtual classes, people don’t come to Mazatlán, ”he said.

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Operators said they are looking forward to the epidemiological traffic light turning green for students to return to face-to-face classes.

“Hey, I hope the boys return to the university because right now we bring three, five passengers and not only us but everyone is doing badly, we have no passengers,” he lamented.


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